Bill Clintons story .

Bill Clinton’s story and why I also decided to stop eating meat

This is an excerpt from the video that started me out on the path to a low-fat plant-based diet.

Take four minutes to look at this and then perhaps look at the original video below from CNN


I figured that if the former president of the US needed to change his diet to a plant based diet against the advice of probably some of the most respected doctors and surgeons in the US that he had put his trust in for years, but in the end he had to change his nutrition completely and go to an almost 100%  plant based diet. These were the same people who each year gave him a clean bill of health, and each year at his annual health check up  he passed his medical with all of his numbers in the normal range.

He ended up getting a heart attack  (despite passing all his medical checkups ) and at that point  he cut out the junk food and followed his doctors advice fully, eating everything in moderation and exercising regularly, however, he still had more heart problems 5 years later when his bypass failed and he started to get more chest pains . He then was told he required stints as his bypass was found  be blocked with cholesterol , his surgeon was still saying he was on the correct diet and he was not doing anything wrong, however Bill Clinton decided to do his own research in to heart disease and chose to follow the advice of the three experts , Dean Ornish  M.D,   T. Colin Campbell  and Dr Esselstyn Jr,

These guys have been saying pretty much the same thing for over 25 years,  that it is possible for the vast  majority of people to reverse or totally avoid heart disease and type 2 diabetes  and many more diseases by adopting a low fat plant based diet.

This website is a  collection of a lot of the material they have published and also some more experts that these three guys endorse.


Read these guys CV’s  and compare it to your own doctors CV

I have collected a lot of the material they have published and also some more experts that these three guys endorse  and put it on the website

The Full CNN video called “The last heart attack  ”

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