Safefood Ireland says a plant based diet is not a reasonable option


I was listening to Pat Kenny on Newstalk on the 21st of November and I heard a spokesperson from giving some advice about the food we eat. I would take issue with what the spokesperson had to say when asked would a plant-based or vegan diet have health benefits. Hear what the spokesperson had to say in this clip.

Pat Kenny asks the question “Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton recently went vegan as has other big name athletes have, what do you think of a plant based or vegan diet as a health benefit”  ” well we are talking here about individual celebrity’s and this is another big issue from our perspective in that  a If you have enough money and organizational skills it is possible to get your nutritional adequate diet with a vegan or vegetarian diet for most of us who live ordinary lives that don’t have 2 or 3 PA’s and a butlers and cooks no it is not a reasonable option ”

The reality is that most  experts are finally taking on board the large body of scientific evidence that a whole food plant based vegan diet is not only a viable option for people of any age,  but that eating minimally processed or whole plant foods instead of animal-derived foods can confer lots of  health benefits, such as reduction in heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many types of cancers not to mention the benefits to the  environment, the reduction in exposure to antibiotics in the food chain, and the reduction in the consumption of heavy metals from fish.

What I would like to do is to use its considerable expertise and resources to provide sample menus and advice for people who live ordinary lives that don’t have 2 or 3 PA’s and  butlers and cooks who wish to improve their health by eliminating animal products from their diet and save the ordinary people from the dangers of a plant-based diet.

Safefood has two versions of advice for people living in Ireland, for people in the north of Ireland, we have the Eatwell Guide and people in the South of Ireland we have the Food Pyramid. Adults and kids in the North of Ireland are allowed to have dairy alternatives (such as soya drinks)  while adults and kids in the South of Ireland need up to five servings Milk, yoghurt and cheese to keep kids bones healthy. Seemly dairy alternatives are not safe for people from the South of Ireland ( must be genetic ) according to and their stakeholders.Both the Eatwell Guide and the Food Pyramid are both influenced by  forces that don’t have peoples health as the number one priority, but at least the Eatwell Guide gives people the option of dairy alternatives while the Food Pyramid guide does not offer this choice to the public.

We are so lucky in Ireland to have a strong dairy industry  that keep us aware of how vital drinking milk is to our bone health and  supplying us only with the best of fresh milk, I feel so sorry for the 1 billion  or more people in India and all the Asians who have never been properly educated by the farming lobby as to how important drinking milk as kids and as adults is to protects their bones, we need 5 or more portions of dairy per day for our teenagers to stop them getting osteoporosis in later life. Because of our culture of drinking plenty milk, you rarely see old people in Ireland suffering from osteoporosis. Hopefully, we can export plenty of powdered milk to these country’s to stop the epidemic of osteoporosis that is striking all these Asian folk down in their prime of life, so sad to see whole country’s uneducated to the value of milk.

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Here is the full segment of the program from Newstalk select the Pat Kenny show end of part 2 to hear the full conversation.

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