Proof that Philip Boucher-Hayes got it wrong

This a link to tweet. #DebunkingWhatareyoueating  #Liveline #Philipmanup  #whatareyoueating. Proof that Philip Boucher-Hayes got it wrong about the vegan diet. Wrong information = Lives lost.

The main conclusion of the programme   What Are You Eating  8/3/18 Link   was that Philip Boucher-Hayes who adopted a plant-based diet for a month lost 2% of his bone mass and 3% of his muscle mass hinged on a report from a Tanita Segmental body analyzer. Keith Erickson from Tanita Corporation  has reviewed the data from the show and said: “Reviewing this data, it is likely that the measured values for bone mass and muscle mass are a result of higher water weight .”

This means that the 2% bone loss and 3% muscle loss never happened and this finding completely undermines the core conclusions of the programme. In truth, a detailed examination of the contents of the programme reveals that the programme had so many basic flaws that even without this new information it should never have been broadcast. No medical doctor’s opinion was shown on the programme. Basic checks were not done. Blood pressure, cholesterol, weight was measured, but weight loss figures were not spoken about. Unequal time was given to pro and anti-vegan experts, no plant-based medical people interviewed.This sort of wrong information on a vegan diet will cause both people and animals unnecessary suffering and death.This was not just any vegan diet it was a vegan diet designed and supervised by a Consultant Dietitian and at the end of 28 days, Philip makes conclusions that simply dont stand up to basic scrutiny.

Below is a copy of the email and the reply and a link to a more detail post on an analysis of the programme.


Hi I am hoping you can give me your opinion on what appears to be an unusual reading from an MC-780U Multi Frequency Segmental Body Composition Analyzer.

A client male age 46 went on a 28-day vegan diet under the guidance of a registered dietitian, however, he failed to fully follow the guidance he was given and did not take his supplements and over the 28 day period he left himself with a 600 calorie per day deficit, this resulted in a weight loss from 86.6 Kg to 81.6Kg, a % fat loss of 21% to 18.6% a fat loss of 3Kg from 18.2 Kg to 15.2Kg over the 28 days, however, what  that the client was worried about was a reported 2% loss in bone density and a 1.9Kg loss in muscle mass that showed up in the report.
This loss of estimated bone density and muscle mass seems high and was a cause of concern to the client, from your experience of Multi Frequency Segmental Body Composition Analyzers is it lightly that the reported bone and muscle mass loss is probably due to the manufacturer’s  instructions not been fully complied with rather than a real loss in such a short period.

Hello Joe,

Reviewing this data, it is likely that the measured values for bone mass and muscle mass are a result of higher water weight loss.  Some background, our products do not measure fat, water, muscle, etc. directly.  The only two values measured directly are weight and impedance; all other measurements are calculated using equations based on these and other values such as height, gender, activity level etc.  Impedance is measured by sending a low, safe electrical signal through the body, and can be described as a measurement of the strength and speed of that signal.  Because muscle tissue has a high water and electrolyte content (compared to fat), the electrical signal passes through with ease.  However, when the signal encounters fat mass, it must work harder to pass through because fat contains only a small percentage of water.  When the scale detects less water the equations will automatically calculate lower muscle and bone mass values (bone mass in linked to muscle mass).  As you may know, it is not uncommon for people to lose more water weight during the initial stages of weight loss as the body adjusts to the reduced caloric intake.  The MC-780U provides a detailed breakdown on body water, with total water as well as intracellular and extracellular values.  You should review this data, with an eye towards the differences in percent of total weight for each of these values over time to monitor his water loss in relationship to his total weight.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


Keith Erickson

Tanita Corporation

2625 South Clearbrook Drive

Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005

Office:847 434 3989


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