By Robert Cohen Executive Director Text Only

The Mad Doctor!


There have been many nominations for the worst doctor in
America. Insurance companies no longer want to insure bad
physicians. Many doctors can no longer afford to practice
the art of healing because of escalating malpractice rates.

In my opinion, there is one doctor who merits the "Worst
Doctor" title above all other incompetents.

He is Robert Dowling, M.D.

During June of 2001, Dowling's Louisville, Kentucky, patient
was given just thirty days to live.

After a lifetime of abuse, this man's cardiovascular system
sent a series of signals, all bad, to himself and to his
attending physician.

A lifetime of eating the wrong foods can translate into a
painfully short future.

What hath man wrought? A new artificial heart was implanted
into Dowling's patient. He became the first human ever to
receive a fully operational self-contained machine inside of
his chest. The "AbiorCor pump" was implanted on July 2,
2001. A day that will live in history.

Thirty days after the surgery, Robert Tools and his
physician enjoyed a one-month anniversary celebration
commemorating his survival.

The lead researcher/physician, Robert Dowling, M.D., had
this to say:

"The goal of all of us working together is to give patients
of this device a good quality of life."

How did Dr. Dowling honor his patient?

By staging a party for the guest of honor, and serving him
ice cream and cheesecake.

Mr. Artificial-Heart-Recipient may have had a bionic heart,
but his arteries had been saturated by a lifetime of similar
foods containing cholesterol and saturated animal fat.

Dr. Dowling most certainly made a bad cardiovascular system
just a little bit worse. His symbolic gesture immortalizes a
physician's arrogance. Doctors such as Dowling believe that
diet plays little role in human health and healing.

Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's fame had quadruple heart surgery
at about the same time. One wonders whether his physician
threw him an ice cream party too.

Would you think it wise to eat ice cream and cheesecake
after having life-saving heart surgery?

Dr. Dowling explained why he would feed his critically ill
artificial heart recipient saturated animal fat containing
casein, a tenacious glue and mucous forming protein.

"The to give patients...a good quality of life..."

How did Mr. Tools react to the cheesecake and ice cream?

He suffered a severe setback, and was placed on a ventilator
to assist his breathing. The artificial heart recipient
experienced an overwhelming buildup of mucous and secretions
in his lungs. Mr. Tools became too weak to expel that
mucous, so the artificial breathing machine was used to keep
him alive.

Eat casein and produce histamines, then mucous. The reaction
is often delayed, occurring 12-15 hours after consumption.

By eliminating all milk and dairy for just one week, most
people note the differences, which include less mucous,
better sleep patterns, more energy, better bowel movements,
clarity of thought, and muscle, bone, and back pain relief.

Why don't Dr. Dowling know this? Could the fact that
nutrition is not a required course of study in medical
school have anything to do with a physician's ignorance?

The Abicor device can be a lifesaver, but dairy-loving
doctors like Dowling can be hazardous to one's health.

Please share the following (which appeared in the Journal of
Allergy and Immunology in March of 1998) with your physician
so that he or she does not repeat Dowling's folly:

"Cow's milk is one of the most frequent food allergens.
Whole casein appears to be highly allergenic...85% of the
patients presented a response to each of the four caseins. "


Ice cream and cheesecake were given to a patient soon after
life-saving heart surgery. The man was killed, and his
doctor should be charged as an accomplice. The murder
weapons? A spoon and a fork. The motives? Arrogance and

That was just the prescription given to artificial heart
recipient, Robert Tools, by his so-called healer, Robert
Dowling, M.D.

Mr. AbiorCor recipient died soon after Dr. Dowling allowed
him to attend his final party. Dowling blamed his death on
long-standing health problems.

In early November of 2001, Tools feasted upon a cheesesteak
sandwich and chocolate milkshake during an outing with the
mayor of Louisville, Kentucky.

A hospital press release noted that bleeding started soon
after the meal and shortly thereafter, Tools' organs began
to fail. The unlucky man suffered a stroke Nov. 11. He died
the following Friday afternoon.

The hospital said Tools' death was unrelated to the stroke.

Tools is survived by his wife, Carol, and two children. His
wife's comments:

"After our decision to participate in this experimental
procedure, he has been able to make a difference for
mankind, enjoy some of his favorite things in life, and
experience a bit of notoriety - and for Bob, nothing could
have been better."

Perhaps a diet low in saturated animal fat and cholesterol
could have been better, Mrs. Tools. A plant-based diet may
very well have extended your husband's life, and that
example may have made much more of a contribution to

Doctor's prescription: Ice cream, cheesecake, and
cheesesteak sandwich. A recipe for heart disease, suffering,
and death.

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