Obesity is one of the  leading preventable cause of death worldwide, most worrying there is an increase in obese children often accompanied by parents who are also obese ,and almost without fail if you happen to meet these same people in the supermarket you will usually find that their shopping trolly’s contain a lot of unhealthy choices, it is one of the most serious  health issues of the last 100 years.   While treatment of obesity and obesity-related illness  is a multibillion dollar industry, there is a simple and totally free treatment available to all, change your food and regain your health.In Ireland where I live a estimated 39% of adults are overweight and 18% are obese.Since I changed to a plant based diet I have lost about 20Kg or 3 stone and gone from obese to been over weight in the last 12 months, so I still have some weight to loose.

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