Professor did not want to discuss NNT

It was not a surprise to me that the professor did not want to discuss NNT , that is the amount of patents that needed to be treated with a MS drug for one person to benefit. The average NNT for a MS drug is about 5, this means that  4 out of 5 people taking the drug for years get no benefit, only side effects some times which can be fatal .The drug with the most promise  is Natalizumab with a NNT of 2. It was approved in 2004. It was withdrawn from the market  after it was linked with cases of the rare neurological condition  (PML) .However, twenty-four cases of PML had been reported since its reintroduction by October 2009, showing a sharp rise in the number of fatalities 
the last thing is the drug company’s want is for the patients knowing what the NNT is for the drug that they are taking for MS is of no benefit for the majority of users taking it , it only does them harm