Dr Conor Kerley gives talk hosted by MS Ireland

Dr Conor Kerley  had a diagnosis of MS at the age of 15  He  has since completed  a degree course in Human Nutrition and Dietitics,  in Trinity College Dublin. His focus his energy on working with those with illnesses. When Conor was diagnosed with MS in 2003, after severe symptoms appeared in arm, face and one of his legs, he was told his condition could deteriorate rapidly.See some of his story in the video below.

On Thursday, 17th November in Trinity Biomedical Sciences Building, MS Ireland hosted an information event featuring a panel of MS experts.

See his talk Dr. Conor Kerley, PHD, BSc, H.Dip, MINDI, DCU: Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategies to Combat MS

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG-5XDhp9sQ[/embedyt]

I ask one question if there is a lot of evidence for a low fat plant based diet been helpful for MS patients  why has a plant based  diet as a way of treating MS been almost totally ignored by MS Ireland, if the claims Conor makes for diet is only 10% true it would still be useful and I believe that he is 100% right then why is this simple treatment for MS not been actively promoted by MS Ireland ,if what he is saying is wrong why has MS Ireland not come out and challenge him on this either way this  we need to have the debate and raise awareness of how what you eat may affect your outcome if you have MS.


See my video about NNT on the same night that Conor gave his talk.


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