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I started a low fat plant based diet in October 2012 , I have  lost 20Kg or 44 pounds in the last year and I still have some more weight to lose the only thing I did to lose the weight was to switch to a plant based diet and some how I lost the longing for junk food in the process.

I have spent a lot of time looking on line for the best way to eat healthy and have collected a collection of links to what I consider information worth having a read and well worth researching further.
I got interested in health matters after my Doctor asked me to go on blood pressure tablets on my first visit to the doctor in years ,I expected to be put on a 24 hour blood pressure monitor to confirm the high blood pressure and then perhaps be put on blood pressure tablets, however despite approx 30Kg overweight that is over 40% over a healthy weight for my height , my obese condition was barely mentioned and was not advised that loosing might stop me needing the blood pressure tablets. Annoyed I left the doctors and decided to loose weight rather than take the tablets after looking up the NNT for the tablets I was put on.I continue to take a keen interest in the food we eat.

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    Getting well online: The Happy Heart Experience
    Stephen & David Flynn, The Happy Pear .
    These lads stole the show today with a very good talk

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