2015 Study: Forget Low Calories, Live Longer With High Carbohydrates

A 2015 study has found out that people who forget calories and sustain a low protein, high carbohydrate diet (LPHC) live as healthy and long as those who limit calories.

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Professor Stephen Simpson, from the University of Sydney, authored the “game-changing” research. Now, there’s finally a feasible alternative to the challenging restricted calorie diet when it comes to living a long and healthy life  and that is by eating high carbohydrates.

University of Sydney Professor said that only a few people can maintain a diet on strict calorie restriction. He expressed that limiting the intake of  calories may lead to negative effects such as “loss of bone mass, libido and fertility”.

Professor Simpson then tried to check how LPHC diet – which he strongly recommends for it is easier to sustain as compared to a Restrcited Calorie diet.

Professor Simpson tested his theory on mice. He placed them on different macronutrient based diets. He experimented his subjects for eight weeks (equal to about two human years).  The genius professor found that those under low protein, high carbohydrate diet and restricted calorie diet lived 30 per cent longer and are healthier.

Surprisingly, despite craving and eating more, the mice under low protein, high carbohydrate diet came out as healthy as those under restricted calorie diet. This was because the opposing diets stimulate the same pathways.

However, Professor Simpson notes that choice of food is still very important when following the more sustainable low protein, high carbohydate diet. For the game-changer Professor, it is never an excuse to eat more sugar as it creates negative consequences.

Research on Mice Suggests We Could Be Better Off Eating More Healthy Carbs and Less Protein

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Bad news for the Paleo crowd

While calorie-restriction diets are known to have positive health benefits, a group of researchers in Australia has found that, in mice, a low-protein high-carbohydrate diet produces similar results regardless of caloric intake.

If the study bears out for humans, it could rehabilitate the image of carbohydrates, which has taken a battering in recent years, when the high-protein Atkins and Paleo diets have reigned supreme.

Scientists at the University of Sydney put mice on varying diets in terms of the proportion of carbohydrates, protein and total calories consumed. They found that, in terms of insulin, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels, mice on unrestricted low-protein high-carb diets fared best.

“It still holds true that reducing food intake and body weight improves metabolic health and reduces the risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver disease,” said senior author Stephen Simpson of the University of Sydney. “However…it appears that including modest intakes of high-quality protein and plenty of healthy carbohydrates in the diet will be beneficial for health as we age.”

The next step, according to the scientists, will be to learn if specific types of proteins and carbohydrates make a difference in long-term health.

original source http://www.foodworldnews.com/articles/19892/20150529/2015-study-forget-low-calories-live-longer-with-high-carbohydrates.htm