Forks Over Knives

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How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

DR OZ talks about the China Study and film Forks over Knives


Part 1


Part 2


Theatrical Release – Select Articles

Forks Over Knives was released in theaters nationwide beginning May 6, 2011.  Below are select articles written about the film during the release.

The Huffington Post: How a Plant-Based Diet Can Save America

Chicago Sun-Times: Roger Ebert Reviews Forks Over Knives

The Huffington Post: Could This Movie Save Your Life?

The Dr. Oz Show: Dr. Oz Clips from April 27, 2011

One Minute News: Forks Over Knives movie review

Maximo TV: View Celebrity interviews from May 2011 premiere

iVillage: Can Junk Food Cause Cancer?

CNN Headline News: New Film Highlights Diet Makeovers

CNN: Vegan on the silver screen Diet Power

Food & Wine: Mouthing Off, a Food & Wine Blog

The Kind Life: Alicia Silverstone Supports Forks Over Knives

Fitness Magazine: Trainer Bob Harper’s Diet Plan

Sandusky Register: Forks Over Knives movie review

Green Chip Stocks: When Your Preferred Utensil Means More than Good Manners

Whole Foods Markets: Forks Over Knives Partners with Whole Foods

VegSource: Featured Blogger Dr. Pam Popper on Forks Over Knives

VegNews: Feature on Forks Over Knives

Healthy Eating and Nutrition News: Blog post on Forks Over Knives

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